Kit2 (1 PainRelief, 1 Shield, 1 Boost) $30 Off + FREE shipping

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Total protection that includes:

  • pain and inflammation prevention
  • immune system boosting to fight infections and recover faster
  • cellular boosting for disease resistance and added energy
Kit 2

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*Always consult with your healthcare professional before starting any supplementation program, before taking or stopping any medication, or if you have or suspect you might have any health problem.

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Jena W.
Chronic Fatigue Relief

I was diagnosed with CFS/ME two years ago and have been to several specialists but nothing has worked so far. I have only found minimal relief for my symptoms which are extreme fatigue, nausea, brain fog, body aches and blood pressure issues. I have been taking this kit for only two weeks but I feel at least 30% better already. I can go for a walk which I couldn't before and I am able to think much more clearly. I'm excited about the progress and very hopeful.

Jane S.
Well worth it for me

I wanted to give some time before reviewing this to make sure it works. I was very skeptical because I don’t really believe in supplements but I read the science behind this technology and decided to give it a go. I used to get recurring sinus infections, flus, colds, joint pain and so on. Everyone always told me it’s normal at my age (I’m 65) but I have seen other people that are my age and are healthy so I figured there must be something you can do to get better. After taking this kit for a month I noticed better energy, my skin had better elasticity and I just felt better and happier. But after 6-8 months the results were very noticeable. I never got sick again, even during the winter. I feel great and full of energy. I keep on getting calls from my doctors asking where I am and that I should come in for a checkup (I used to be quite sick all the time) but I feel wonderful. I know it’s not the cheapest supplement out there but it’s the only thing that worked for me. Now I budget it in and make sure it don’t run out. I had so many vacations and family gatherings/holidays that were ruined by sickness and I am just happy I found something that allows me to enjoy life again. At my age I believe these are the things that count.

Paula D.
Fibromyalgia relief and now it’s gone!

I have been taking this kit for 2 months now. I noticed an incredible improvement in my pain levels after 2 weeks. I suffered from Fibromyalgia for over a decade and took all possible medications. Nothing really helped so I stopped everything and gave this a go. I am now pain-free which is something I didn’t even know anymore. Very pleased with it.

Marta S.
I'm a total believer!

Since taking these products, specifically Shield, Boost, and Pain Relief, I've noticed such an improvement in my health. Most recently, I took a flight where my neighbor was coughing and sneezing the entire trip. On my return flight, weather delays turned my 4-hour trip into a 12 hour sojourn at Austin-Bergstrom airport. I was terribly tired and worn down. Feeling a bronchitis coming on, I took an extra tablespoon of Shield and Boost for a couple of days. I never descended into the depths of that miserable cold! It's a week later and not a symptom in sight. That's not the only reason I believe in the products. I have also suffered from knee pain for many years. Many years ago, I even had surgery for my right knee. The MRI was non-conclusive but I was looking for relief. There was not a marked improvement in the results of the arthroscopy. I continued to be active despite my discomfort and some swelling, but sometimes it got to be too painful and I'd have to stop. Taking these products, I recently completed a 10-mile run and have done several runs and sprint triathlons-all pain free! I'm not fast but enjoy setting personal goals and know the importance of exercise. I saw my parents as they aged with all their pills for various serious ailments. I would like to stave off the ravages of time for as long as possible and enjoy good health while I can. Immunize Labs' products are helping me to do just that!

Bradley F.
Feel 20 years younger

I am the co-owner of The UPS Store, Greenwich, CT: In less than a month I noticed a decrease in joint pain in both my hip and knee. In 2 months I realized I had no pain at all. In the gym I am now able to use all the machines, pain free, and my strength has increased to where it was 10 years ago. immunizeLABS's products reduce inflammation and increase endurance, a perfect combo for healthy aging or peak performance in the gym.