What Makes Us Different?

Combining Science with Wisdom

Family & Friends ... The unique formulas grew out of the desperation to find a solution for my wife's health issues. Friends saw how well the formulas worked and persisted for a year urging us to make them into products. Hopefully our journey to better health can help shorten yours!

Our goals are simple:

  • Work with your immune system
  • Maximum oral absorption
  • All natural ingredients
  • Synergistic formulas for more effectiveness
  • Give the body what it needs so it can heal itself

Breathe Easy Nasal Spray - For prevention of Hives, Sinusitis, Migraine headache, Sinus infection, Allergies, Rash

OralMiracle - natural teeth whitening, cavity prevention, tooth decay prevention, promotes white teeth, heals dental caries, best mouthwash)