Which Natural Ingredients Should You Look For in an Anti-Aging Serum or Cream?

You don't need artificial toxic face sludge to hydrate your skin, improve elasticity, smooth wrinkles, or stimulate collagen production.


Medical science has better ideas, and these come straight from Mother Nature.


Keep reading to learn the most important ingredients you need for any serious anti-aging plan.

First of All...
What Causes Skin Aging?

Sun Damage

According to the Canadian Dermatology Association, "On sun-exposed skin, up to 90 per cent of aging is due to the sun’s harsh effects on skin. Compare skin on an area rarely exposed to that on the face to see the difference in tone, colour, and texture." (1)

Collagen Slowdown

You produce 1% less collagen every year after age 20. You also lose elastin and Glycosaminoglycans (GAG) as you get older. Together, they keep your skin elastic, firm, and hydrated. You can reverse the entropy with nutrients from natural skin products. (3)


Estrogen has an anti-inflammatory effect on skin. As estrogen goes, your skin becomes more vulnerable to damage from the sun, air pollution, and smoke. Then you lose more antioxidants and antioxidant enzymes in the skin like vitamin E and glutathione (2).  

Moisture Loss

In your 40's, your skin loses a lot of hyaluronic acid, which attracts water and hydrates your skin (4). Your dermal capillaries lose blood flow as you age as well (5). This prevents nutrients from reaching your skin, which then becomes thinner and drier.

Natural Ingredients That Reverse Skin Aging

Hyaluronic Acid

Your body produces less hyaluronic acid (HA) as you age. It attracts moisture and intelligently delivers it to skin cells (1), and it boosts collagen and elastin production (2). Most dermatologists recommend skin products with HA.

Rosehip Oil

Essential oil of rosehips is high in natural vitamin C, which protects you from, and reverses, sun damage while reducing wrinkles (3). Rosehip oil reduces acne, brightens skin, and stimulates collagen production, too (4).

Argan Oil

Another favorite of dermatologists, argan oil improves elasticity, texture, brightness, and tone. It's loaded with fatty acids, vitamin E, antioxidants, and natural moisturizers. It restores the skin barrier as well. (5)

Gotu Kola

This favorite food of elephants repairs wounded, dry, burned, sensitive, and irritated skin and increases collagen. It's packed with antioxidants. Gotu kola even kills bacteria and heals scars. (6)(7)

Carrot Seed Oil

This is a versatile oil packed with antioxidants that turn back the clock, especially when used topically. It also lightens and moistens the skin, and it's commonly used on rashes, skin disorders, and age spots. (8)

Rock Rose Oil

Another versatile essential oil, rock rose oil has too many skin benefits to mention. It tightens and tones skin and kills fungi, bacteria, viruses, and other yucky things. Many apply it to boils, acne, and scars. (9)

Meet FaceMiracle Natural Skin Serum


Our natural formula attracts and retains moisture with a synergistic blend of hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, rosehip oil, argan oil, urea, and allantoin.

Fights Acne

FaceMiracle fights acne by destroying bacteria and balancing sebum production without burning. Our brave troops include essential oils of lavender, rosehips, argan, neem, and frankincense as well as ionic/colloidal Silver.

Reduces Wrinkles

It doesn't just hide wrinkles. It vanishes them and boosts elasticity naturally with hyaluronic acid, rosehip oil, beta glucan, collagen peptides, and horsetail extract. 

Regenerates Skin

FaceMiracle protects and regenerates skin and collagen with some of the most potent antioxidants on the market as well as gotu kola, witch hazel, dragon's blood, comfrey, and ionic/colloidal copper. 

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Customer Review Highlights

"It’s amazing. My skin actually feels like velvet after I use it."

Michelle Omaha

04 July, 2018




"This made my skin feel smooth and much tighter. I noticed much less wrinkles around the eyes."

Stephanie W

06 July, 2018



"I can’t say enough good things about this. I used it for 3 weeks and the wrinkles around my eyes were noticeably less. After 2 months it was all gone."

Ana Marley

25 Nov, 2018

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