Our Story

Our health is the most precious gift we have and is our responsibility. The best way to avoid doctors, hospitals, drugs and all the side effects is to keep from getting sick in the first place.

After struggling for many years with extreme fatigue, multiple infections and ailments I was diagnosed with CFS/ME (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / Myalgic Encephalomyelitis). After going down the traditional path of medicine my husband and I realized that modern medicine was focused on symptoms management. If through some miracle I was able to survive the original disease, we knew that I would not survive the prescribed cocktails and the associated side effects.

That is when my husband, partner and biggest supporter put his life and his business on hold to dedicate himself to finding a cure for me. After several years of research, crazy inventions and natural protocols that aim to boost your immune system he finally was able to nurse me back to health. The results were so amazing that our friends took notice and started asking for our supplements to give to their sick, loved ones. I do have to say that at first we were both very hesitant in going down the path of turning our immune boosting cocktails into products, think responsibility, liability and so on. After all, those were designed for me and we didn’t know if it would have the same effect on others. We started with a small circle of friends and some people that really needed help. There seems to be no shortage of people struggling with CFS, MS, IBS, Fibromyalgia, Colitis, Arthritis and all sorts of conditions. What followed was beyond our wildest dreams. Not only did we get incredible results, we were very touched by the impact it made in people’s lives.

My life certainly experienced a complete turnaround. As I think back to 2011 when my doctor told me I couldn’t get pregnant, not because of infertility issues, but simply because my body wouldn’t be able to go through a pregnancy, our world was crushed. Now as I write this we are at the end of 2015 and I am staring into the eyes of our beautiful little daughter. She came into this world via a natural un-medicated birth and represents a beautiful reminder that we can heal ourselves.

We hope that by sharing our story and health solutions we may encourage others to seek their own path and be able to make informed decisions that will lead to a better quality of life and happiness.


Love & Health from the immunizeLABS Family,

Christine and Pascal


Our Story in more detail

immunizeLABS: Helou FamilyMy story began in 2007 shortly after moving from Switzerland to NYC. Life was good until I began another period of feeling exhausted all the time. I would go to bed and wake up after sleeping for 10 hours more tired than when I went to bed. My husband to be felt that there was something wrong but I assured him that’s the way it has always been. One day we were crossing the street when I collapsed in the middle of it and stayed there. Cars were coming from everywhere but I could not get up. He picked me up and took me home. We knew it wasn’t some sort of seizure or low blood sugar, nor was I sick in any of the traditional ways. It was like someone had pressed the off switch. I assured him that this was just an episode of extreme fatigue that would just come and go. After all, since I was a teen I remember having periods of incredible exhaustion so I thought that was just normal. Since I was a child, I was often scolded in school by the gym teacher because I had a very hard time participating in physical activities yet I was not overweight and appeared to be healthy. The gym teacher would tell my parents that I was lazy and needed to try harder. For pretty much as long as I can remember, I would get sick every few months with something brutal like sore throats, ear, and sinus infections – at one point I had over twelve bladder infections in a single year - all of course followed by multiple rounds of antibiotics. The cycle would vary in aggressiveness but would repeat itself every year regardless of what doctors did, and believe me I went to see many.

I was still living in Switzerland when I had a severe flare-up and became very ill with what my doctors called a "mystery virus". I endured several episodes of fever, incredible body aches, especially on joints, hands, feet, nodes, behind my ears, neck stiffness, and insomnia. I was home bound for 5 weeks. I tested negative for HIV, dengue, malaria and all major known diseases. My blood samples were even sent to a special tropical diseases lab but they couldn’t find anything. Without much to go on, my Swiss doctors declared that I must have contracted a “mystery virus”, and put me on a cocktail of antibiotics just to make sure my condition wouldn’t get worse. They never did find anything.

I moved to New York City in 2005 when another major episode of the "mystery virus" reappeared with the same symptoms of brutal joint pain, fever, a whole night spent in the ER, and intravenous medications. This alleged mysterious virus started to flare up for about a week 4-5 times a year. This was always followed by several episodes of sore throat and sinus infections followed by rounds of antibiotics. This time, I started to seek natural care practitioners as it became clear that modern medicine did not have the answers and rounds of antibiotics were taking their toll. There had to be a better solution!

Meanwhile this constant cycle eventually began to affect me psychologically with periods of severe irritability, claustrophobia, shortness of breath and panic attacks. I was diagnosed with "mild depression" and put on more drugs, antidepressants and sleeping pills. This only exasperated the situation resulting in even more low energy and constant severe exhaustion. I was sleeping on weekends over 16 hours straight and waking up exhausted with incredible nerve pains on the entire body to the extent that wearing certain clothes like jeans was too painful. At one point I couldn’t get out of bed for two weeks. Even after I managed to get a little better, I still had a hard time with daily activities like getting dressed or doing or remembering anything, really. I felt like the living dead.

My husband who is a natural problem solver decided to put his business aside and made a list of all my symptoms and began his research. After much research, he concluded that I had all the symptoms of CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and Fibromyalgia. We found a so-called CFS expert in that field in NYC and made a visit.

This doctor confirmed I had CFS or something similar and right away put me on antidepressants, Nuvigil so I would stay awake and long and increasing doses of prednisone (synthetic corticosteroid, stronger than cortisone). It helped in the beginning to reduce pain and inflammation but it is known that these drugs depress the immune system and I got worse. Given that I had what he called a weak immune system I wondered why he was giving me immunosuppressive medications? His reasoning was that it was to manage my symptoms. This is probably a great example of how current medicine practices prioritize symptoms management over trying to improve the patient’s health or looking for cure and prevention.

We decided to stop the corticosteroids and were convinced that there had to be someone better and looked for another doctor. We found the top US specialist for CFS in NYC and started a treatment with him.

The new doctor was appalled that I was given immunosuppressive medications to help me feel better in the short run and said that the first thing we had to do was try to undo some of the damage that was done to my immune system by my last doctor. I was put on a protocol that included injections of Hepapressin and I slowly started to feel a little better, until the next setback that is. It started with a cold that turned into pneumonia followed by antibiotics that didn’t work and ended up as a serious lung infection with a flesh eating bacteria. To make matters worse, the first two rounds of antibiotics had no effect so I was administered five different antibiotics to stop the infection because it quickly could become fatal if left untreated.

About two months later, I started with severe migraines and a strange dizziness that I can describe as pulling me sideways to the ground. It would just come and go without a specific trigger and at any time of the day. Whenever the “pulling down” would take hold it was so intense that I would lose balance and not be able to walk. The doctor requested a brain MRI with contrast and results came back normal.

We felt we hit a wall. Even though I was able now to get out of bed, the CFS symptoms were still preventing me from achieving a minimal quality of life. I was still having incredible Fibromyalgia pains (Fibromyalgia is very common in CFS patients), complete exhaustion all the time that wouldn’t get better with rest and brain fog. The fog and pain would sometimes be so intense that I would lose the ability to focus and think for a few hours or sometimes for days. One day I forgot how to walk back home to our apartment from the grocery store and I just sat on the street corner for a while crying until I was able to figure out which way to go. What is so frustrating is that CFS brain fog removes your ability to think clearly but the person knows that something is wrong as they remember that these are simple tasks they used to be able to accomplish.

I had an extensive talk with my doctor who to the best of his abilities used the tools that modern medicine make available to him: strong medications. I was put on Viibryd and Savella at the same time. The very next day my heart rate hit 180bpm while trying to have breakfast at home. I intuitively knew that the medications were doing more harm than good but decided to let a few days pass and see if things improved. I felt like someone had pushed the off switch again as I was not able to function over the next few days. Two weeks later I went back to my doctor and announced I was getting off Viibryd completely. He agreed. I kept on taking Savella as that was for the pain and I really needed a break from pain. At the same time we knew I had to find something else to reduce the Fibromyalgia pain that wouldn’t cause as much harm to my body as the current medications were doing. Through my husband’s extensive research, he discovered MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane). It is a miracle for people with systemic inflammation and chronic pain. We started experimenting with very high dosages of MSM.

Part of my conversation with the doctor focused on what we could do that was beyond everything we had tried and that could potentially help me. He suggested I should enter a clinical trial with GCMAF injections (from Brussels) in conjunction with Hepapressin injections. GCMAF (macrophage activation factor) is an immune-regulating compound. We were hopeful and also grateful we were able to afford the treatment (costs were $1,500 a month and no insurance covers it as it was an experimental drug). We took a leap of faith and started this new adventure which I called the guinea pig roller coaster.

During my treatments, I went to see a new OBGYN for a routine appointment. I told this physician about my CFS condition. The physician dismissed the CFS condition and vehemently insisted that I switch my birth control pill which was an old technology to something new she was pushing. I told her that I had been on that pill for over 10 years with no noticeable side effects and that it alleviated my monthly cramps. I also told her I didn’t feel comfortable switching to something else during my complex CFS treatments. Regardless, the doctor assured me that Generess FE which she was proposing (or rather insisting on) was an improved pill and convinced me to switch. I gave in trusting this doctor and before leaving the clinic I was given a week’s supply of Generess FE, a pretty pouch with the brand name on it to carry cosmetics and a baby pink colored Visa card with credits to be applied towards my next purchases of said pill…

About a month into my new treatment I had to fly to Europe for work and we had planned a week vacation to go skiing with friends in between my work assignments. In hindsight it probably was not the best idea but we had planned it a while ago and wanted some sense of normalcy in our lives. I struggled immensely during my first week overseas with high heart rate, cold sweats, throwing up and constantly sick. As we finally arrived at the ski lodge for a break, I noticed right away that there was something wrong beyond the usual. My resting heart rate was 185bpm, I was white and exhausted. I didn’t say anything at first because I had become accustomed to being exhausted. I figured I was tired from the trip and went to bed. I woke up the next morning with the same heart rate of 185bpm. As I began to get up and move around, it shot up over 205 and stayed there. My husband rushed me to the local clinic and they declared this was an emergency and I was taken off the mountain to the nearest hospital in an ambulance. After running every possible test they came back with nothing. They could not explain why my heart rate was so high. I was given a beta-blocker (Atenolol) and requested to go to a lower altitude immediately.

My husband realized if we are to wait for doctors to figure it out I would end up being another statistic so he started to research what had changed over the last few weeks to possibly cause this. We finally narrowed it down to the new and “improved” birth control pill which must have been conflicting with the Fibromyalgia and migraine medication. Sure enough, the main side effect of my “improved” birth control pill was high blood pressure and potential heart attacks.

We immediately stopped the birth control pill and were able to get the heart rate somewhat under control, at first down to 150bpm and about a week later to a safer 95bpm. One unforeseen condition was that I developed an incredible allergic reaction to Atenolol or it may have been an interaction with Savella. At that point we realized that we had to stop all these medications and devote our time to finding a new solution. I stopped Atenolol and Savella. For another three weeks I went through hell with unbearable itching all over my body. I couldn’t sleep and I scratched myself raw until I was bleeding.

After getting back to the US, my husband began to pour every second he had into researching what I had as this was the second time I almost died under “medical care”. My CFS doctor could not help me with the allergic reaction so I went the less traditional route of Naturopathy. I found some relief in Urotheraphy and having my blood ozonated and injected back into my system – pretty painful endeavor for someone with CFS. My husband saw that it helped but not enough so he ozonated olive oil and applied it on my skin. That finally made a difference! This gave him the confidence to pursue the path of looking for a more natural cure for my ailment as it became increasingly clear that modern medicine didn’t have all the answers and in many cases their solutions came with devastating side effects.

I continued the GCMAF therapy but we realized that I had to rebuild the immune system with immune supportive elements and not traditional medications that would destroy the balance and harm the body.

We started a supplement protocol and combined that with the research performed by Dr. Robert Beck who proved that you can kill any virus, bacteria and germ in vitro and in vivo by passing a small current through it. My husband being the geek that he is decided to build such a device and I started using it every day. I would put it on and drive to work and couldn’t help but think what would happen if I had ever gotten pulled over. They would probably think I had a bomb strapped to myself as this gadget was in essence a tiny little box with lights, buttons, and wires attached to pads glued to my skin. Fortunately the effort was worth it as subsequent blood tests proved that I was improving. The next stage of the process began when we added Colloidal Silver to the mix. One needs to be careful when experimenting in this field as there is so much misinformation and deception that in the end my husband built his own device and sent the samples to a lab to verify the quality.

We continued refining my supplement protocol and started getting a full blood panel done ($10,000/month) to baseline all the indicators. The protocol was broken down into five categories based on what I needed to improve: Anxiety Lowering, Increased Energy, Immune System Boosting, Pain Reduction and Improved Sleep. In order to ensure that we were going in the right direction we would stay on a supplement protocol for four weeks and run blood panels to compare findings. That allowed us to cross-reference the results with the supplements that seemed to increase energy, reduce anxiety, increase quality of sleep, and reduce systemic pain. After about a year we were finally satisfied with the outcome and had a natural solution for each category.

We knew that eventually I had to stop the clinical trial with GCMAF injections as it was never meant to be a permanent solution. The name “clinical trial” indicates the mechanism is not yet fully understood aside from being incredibly costly. I was terrified of stopping but I focused on the amazing improvements I made with our natural protocol. I don’t have much to say about the transition other than it was seamless. I had no relapse, in fact I started to feel better after having plateaued for a while. The only drawback was managing the supplements as they were all in pill form. Every week, my husband would make my daily AM/PM, Pain, Energy, and Sleep packets that contained 50+ supplements, all sorted by function so I could take what I needed when I needed it.

It was extremely expensive and a nightmare to manage and swallow all those pills. Looking back, reviewing the blood work and the daily health journal, it was clear that what was helping the most in boosting the immune system was Colloidal Silver, intravenous Vitamin C, MSM, injectable Glutathione and injectable B12. The issue was that intravenous Vitamin C and injectable B12 required a doctor’s office and 20-30 grams of MSM translated into 20-30 very large pills that I sometimes choked on! Again, there had to be a better way…This is when my husband had to think out of the box and after a long and arduous process of trial and error he came up with the highly absorbable liquid solution that we now employ in our immunizeLABS health solutions. I could finally get the necessary amounts of supplements, in the right combination with the right immune boosting natural substances without having to go through hundreds of pills or injections. I finally started getting my life back. Personally, the most amazing result came from our PainRelief, which completely eliminated my Fibromyalgia pain – something I never thought was possible. I can’t begin to explain the relief that it is to start living pain-free again after suffering for so long. The final stretch on this incredible marathon was tackling my dysfunctional immune system. In order to do that my husband came up with our Boost and Shield solutions. The outcome just blew us away. I had gotten used to having several yearly infections of all kinds. I had the laryngitis years as I call them with multiple reoccurrences, sometimes as much as six times in a single year, the UTI phase with over twelve in one year, countless severe sinus infections always followed by heavy antibiotics and so on. Following the ongoing therapy with Boost and Shield so far two years have gone by (it’s the end of 2015 as I write this) and I haven’t gotten sick at all – not even a flu! THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED MY WHOLE LIFE.

My husband was also taking the supplements. He works out intensely and has always picked up a cold or two in the gym since he was fifteen years old. After starting our health solutions, he has not had a single cold or flu, even during the worst flu season while everyone around us was getting very sick. It seemed unbelievable but at one point, he felt the onset of a cold - the slight head fog, the slight tiredness – he then took a double dose of our treatments and literally the next day it was gone, NOTHING. That has never happened to him on any medicine, antibiotics or drugs. The cold or flu would always work its way out in about ten miserable days. Imagine that, we had found a better way and didn’t have to go down that pharmaceutical path of symptoms management by simply avoiding the problem in the first place, by boosting the immune system!

This has been an incredible journey that had twists, turns and lots of cliffhangers that would not end. Do I now have a “normal” lifestyle? Probably not, but then again normal is a relative term. I now have a quality of life that allows me to do things that I was no longer able to do. I work out every day when I did not have the energy to cross the street before. I am able to have a full day when before I would sleep for days and wake up just as tired. Do I sometimes get sick? Yes, but it is different. I get the mild symptoms then it all goes away in 1-2 days. If I feel pain, I take an extra dose of PainRelief and I get back to living my life instead of trying to simply get through the day looking for a sliver of relief. As for my husband, he has been able to achieve some personal bests in the gym without any elbow, knee or any joint pain. He can jump up out of bed in the morning without feeling all those aches and pains that he has had for 20 years at age 48. Oh, and he too has not been sick in 2 years which has never occurred before. It really is life changing.

During this whole process, we had many friends that suffered from pain, inflammation and constant infections. It was because of their pleas and persistence (especially from Mike – we couldn’t have done it without you!) that we gave in to making this accessible to all.

Our biggest blessing was when I got pregnant with our first child earlier this year. I am happy to say that I had a good pregnancy without any medical issues and was able to have a natural, un-medicated birth. That in itself is a miracle to us, given that we were told I would not be able to go through a pregnancy due to my CFS condition. Sadly, that is still the case for many women and men out there with CFS that have to give up so much of their lives due to the condition. This was our journey. We hope that by sharing our story and making our health solutions available we can help you avoid some of the mistakes and trials we had to go through.

Medicine has been focused on symptoms management because that is where the money is. A better path is to avoid becoming a statistic by boosting your immune system and reduce the chances of getting sick in the first place. The alternative can become a nightmare.

Love & Health from the immunizeLABS Family,

Christine and Pascal

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