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Getting sick is NOT absolute.

Help your body defend itself so you don't have to...


Here is how immunizeLABS health solutions can help:

  • Boost - Cellular health
  • Shield - Immune System Boost
  • PainRelief - Pain and Inflammation Prevention
  • OralMiracle - Complete Oral Care
  • Nasal Spray - Complete Sinus Protection
  • SkinMist - Complete Skin Protection
  • KIT1 - 1 Month Supply of PainRelief ($10 bundle discount)
  • KIT2 - 1 Month Supply of PainRelief, Shield, Boost ($30 bundle discount and Free Shipping!)
  • KIT3 - 1 Month Supply of PainRelief, Shield, Boost, OralMiracle ($35 bundle discount and Free Shipping!)
  • KIT4 - 1 Month Supply of PainRelief, Shield, Boost, OralMiracle, Nasal Spray ($40 bundle discount and Free Shipping!)

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Use the table below to look up the symptoms you are experiencing and to find out which products are right for you.

Symptom Products
AIDS Boost , Shield
Allergies KIT2 , Breathe Easy
Anti-Aging KIT2, SkinMist
Back Pain KIT1
Burns KIT2, SkinMist
Bursitis KIT1
Cancer KIT2 , Shield
Cataracts KIT2 , Shield
Cavities OralMiracle
Chemotherapy KIT1 , Boost
Cold Boost , Shield , OralMiracle , Nasal Spray
Cold Sores OralMiracle
Colitis KIT2
Constipation KIT1
Cough Boost , Shield , OralMiracle , Nasal Spray
Cramps KIT1
Crohn's KIT2
Disease Prevention KIT4
Diabetes KIT1 , Boost
Fatigue KIT1 , Boost
Fibromyalgia KIT2
Flu Boost , Shield , Nasal Spray
H1N1 KIT1 , Shield
Hair KIT1
Headaches KIT1 , Boost , Nasal Spray
Heart Disease KIT2
Herpes OralMiracle
High Blood Pressure KIT1 , Shield
High Stress KIT2
HIV Boost , Shield
Hives Nasal Spray
Infectious Mononucleosis KIT2
Influenza KIT2
Itchy Mouth OralMiracle
Lyme Disease KIT2 , Protocol1
Migraines KIT1 , Boost , Nasal Spray
MS KIT1 , Boost
Muscle Soreness KIT2
Nails KIT1
Oral Infections OralMiracle
Osteoarthritis KIT1
Parkinson's Disease KIT2
Pneumonia Boost , Shield
Post Nasal Drip Nasal Spray
Pulmonary Embolism KIT1
Rash Nasal Spray, SkinMist
Receding Gums OralMiracle
Rheumatoid Arthritis KIT1
Scars KIT2, SkinMist
Shingles Shield
Sinus Infections, Sinusitus, Sinus Headaches Nasal Spray
Sinus Pressure KIT1 , Nasal Spray
Skin KIT1, SkinMist
Sore Throat Boost , Shield , Nasal Spray
Tennis Elbow KIT1
Ulcerative Colitis KIT2
Upper Respiratory Infection Boost , Shield , Nasal Spray
West Nile Virus KIT1
Whiplash KIT1

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure disease or illness.

*Always consult with your healthcare professional before starting any supplementation program, before taking or stopping any medication, or if you have or suspect you might have any health problem.

Breathe Easy Nasal Spray - For prevention of Hives, Sinusitis, Migraine headache, Sinus infection, Allergies, Rash

OralMiracle - natural teeth whitening, cavity prevention, tooth decay prevention, promotes white teeth, heals dental caries, best mouthwash)